Steemit Update [Oct 13th, 2022]: TRON & Steemit Integration Project Update

The TRON & Steemit Integration Project has received extensive attention and immense support from the Steemit community, since its launch in December 2020.

The integration of TRX has brought a unique advantage to the Steemit platform and the Steem ecosystem, while allowing Steemit users to join the TRON ecosystem, and bringing diversity to the Steem ecosystem.

As of September 2022, a total of 23 Million TRX (worth ~$1.4 Million) have been invested into the Steemit Ecosystem. The number of new Steemit users has grown significantly since the launch of the TRX Integration Project. Compared to pre-launch, there is a 68% increase in the monthly average of new Steemit accounts.

The TRON & Steemit Integration Project has injected vitality into the Steemit ecosystem and opened up new opportunities for community engagement. The project has introduced profit and resources that facilitate the sustainable development of the Steemit ecosystem.

It is commonly seen among communities to use TRX as reward in contests and other activities. The project has diversified the usage scenarios of the TRX Token, and in turn enriched Steemit community activities. This is a unique feature of Steemit that competing platforms currently lack.

Steemit Inc. and the TRON DAO constantly seek new directions for development, with the goal to distribute TRX rewards more efficiently and help Steemit communities and users with active engagement prosper.

As new initiatives like the Steemit Development Incentive Program are now being introduced, Steemit, Inc. and TRON DAO will be making an adjustment to the amount of TRX given out in post rewards.

From October 15th, TRX will be distributed in direct proportion to the amount of Steem Power earned at the ratio of 1 Steem Power : 0.5 TRX.

Meanwhile, we encourage the Steemit community to share new ideas to integrate TRX for the long-term development of Steemit. Steem Inc. and TRON DAO will always be committed to exploring the best integration solution to jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the Steem ecosystem and TRON ecosystem.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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